Gujarat State Handloom Weavers Co .Op .Federation Ltd ,Ahmedabad.

(Reg. No: U/5006, date- 12/10/1995)(Sponsored by Government of India and Gujarat)

The Organization has been actively engaged Hand loom Activity in since a long time and organizing various workshops, training and many such activities for the benefit of the artisans. It was initiated for the uplifting of the artisans and helps them provides self employment.

1)Artisans legal seminar camps for interaction of the artisans with advocates to advice and guide them in legal matters.

2) Health seminars where artisans have been provided with medicines and

problem related to their health have been discussed.

3) Artisans youth camps, which have helped the artisans understand various activities.

4) Computer training classes where in education regarding computers have been taught.

5) Child development seminars wherein parents have been advised and guided regarding child related issues. Tailoring classes have been conducted to train women in tailoring skills.

Over the years, Federation have been playing an important role in promoting the interests of the poor and weaker sections of society. They operate in various fields like environment, employment, health, education, agriculture, rural development, science and technology, consumer justice and so on.

Our organization is engaged in mobilization of women’s workers and their


The Federations main goals are to organize rural women workers towards full employment and self-reliance. It organizes women to ensure that every family obtains full employment. By self reliance we mean strive for autonomy and self – sufficiency, both economically and in terms of their decision making ability for women on an individual and collective level. The organization has been actively engaged in design innovations in crafts and social sectors as a Federation. The primary aim of such intervention is to effectively understand the need, strengths and weakness of a particular craft sector and developing skills of artisans.

Key Person of the Board

  1. Shri Prahladbhai Parmar  Chairman
  2. Shri Mavjibhai L. Makwana  Vice-Chairman
  3. Shri Jagdishchandra N. Parmar Hon. Secretary
  4. Shri Bachubhai N. Shaikh Member
  5. Shri Shamlabhai D. Sutariya Member
  6. Shri Maganlal H. Dhanka Member
  7. Shri Kantilals. Makwana Member
  8. Shri Commissioner shri kutir & gramodhyog pratinidhi  Member